Ultra High Efficiency ZnO Furnaces
Zn to ZnO using only 3 GJ/tonne

Burns Energy Systems is an engineering company specializing in the design and supply of high efficiency, low carbon footprint furnaces to the zinc oxide industry. 

Our line of equipment is specially engineered for the production of French Process zinc oxide from primary and secondary zinc sources.  Processing secondary zinc has the potential to save hundreds of dollars per tonne off your zinc cost.


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At Burns Energy we have made French Process zinc oxide production our specialty and our expertise. We have spent years refining our understanding of the process and finding ways to make it more efficient of both, fuel and of zinc metal, whether that be from SHG or from secondary zinc sources. Automation improvements have made it possible for a single operator team to control production from multiple furnaces. 

ZnO Furnaces

Our ZnO Equipment

BURNS has designed a full line of furnaces and auxiliary equipment for the manufacture of ZnO from primary and secondary zinc sources, including melters, vaporizers, launders, tundishes, grit separators, zinc metal recovery systems and combustion hoods, etc.

Hard Zinc

Secondary Zinc

Yes, it is true that White Seal ZnO can be made from secondary zinc. BURNS has developed a proprietary process for the preparation of high-quality zinc from contaminated sources. As zinc prices and premiums increase, use of recycled zinc can present a compelling business case.

Financial Case

Financial Case

Thanks to the ultra efficient BURNS furnaces, the fuel savings and increased profits realized by using secondary zinc as feed material, it is possible to reduce the equipment CAPEX Return on Investment for a complete plant from years to just a few months.

BURNS Engineering

Engineering Services

BURNS offers a range of engineering services to move you quickly from feasibility to concept, to execution, to production. We supply detail engineering packages for local procurement of substantial portions of the project.


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